Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twelfth grader's syndrome

I really wish i could figure a better way to start this thing off, but this whole year's been a complete mess for me. Books, notes, home-works, exams, tests and everything else that could drive me more than just nuts. Ironical fact, the more faster i wanted time to fleet, i realized the clocks almost stopped ticking! well, it wasn't that much of a bitch though, except for the weird fact that i was doing something that's completely inappropriate for me. Blame it on me for committing the greatest mistake of picking science group as an option, the thought kept clinging on to me forever! I did realize how difficult it is to move on with something you don't even have the slightest regard for. It just seemed to me pointless. But its over now. And i did realize how much things could change in a year's time. First being "the over-eating" syndrome. I still have no idea what made my appetite beef up like crazy! That's all the recreation i, eat, study, eat (well, the "study" part is a little amplified).Even those boring idlys looked yummier than ever! Next, mood swings.Now this one's good enough to make anybody laugh. But i still remember someone saying my mood swings had scored several notches ahead of a pregnant woman's. Mind that kept wavering like hell, I don't wish to elaborate on that now. Twelfth grade is when everything else, even the most boring things around you amazes you. Every other thing that's laid on the table, kitchen and  shelves looked like it was thrown from mars. An uncontrollable desire to get a glimpse of my camera every now and then, and of course some sad looks at the computer. Books and answer scripts that flew across the room and nights that were filled with prayers for time to surge faster. Time tormented me all the more by making me ardently plan for myself a brighter, more colorful future..............And finally, the epic ended. I'm one of the happiest souls on planet after showing MATHEMATICS its way out of my life (mmmwaaaahahahahahahahahahahaah, buh bye bitch)! Physics and chemistry also deserve a hefty kick out of my life( they weren't that bitchy though,.). So, from now, my real game begins. My ambition, my love and my real, genuine dreams for which i can do almost anything.

LIFE, here I come :) 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Evolution of gossip

That's one word that personifies the juiciest, weirdest and creepiest things...."gossip". It would be completely inappropriate to call myself a girl if I don't gossip! So, this post is specially dedicated to a "real girl" who grew up with me gossiping all the way and we sure did have the time of our lives.

Teacher: "Here's our new friend sai"
sai:"hi"(is shy :P)

*Third grade:
sai: "what do we do to her?"
me:"we've got to do something!! she STOLE your best friend!!"
sai:"lets flick her snack box, er...or her fountain pen."
me: "yeah!! lets do it!"

*Fifth grade:
(we were the most adulterous duo in fifth grade, manipulated by "fashion"...yeah, in fifth grade)
me:"What is she even wearing????"
sai:"eew!! she has no sense of style!!"

*Seventh grade: (preteen princesses :D)
sai: "You know what????!!!!!! they are in a relationship!!!!!!"
me:"WHAT????? you mean like an affair or something??"
sai:"yeah, exactly!"
me:"jobless people."

*Ninth grade: (teen princesses :D)
me: "awe!! how cute they are together."
sai:" NO!!! they look sick!"
me: "hell no! okay...The girl IS kinda sick, but the guy you see, :P"
sai:"That's right ;) "

*Sixteen year olds: (licensed to shenanigans)
sai:" 9.5"
me:"NO ways!! not even a 5 !!"
sai: "oh come on!!! at least 7!"
me: "okay, 6.5, not more than that!! not worth it machi!!"

.....and the years to come.......

*18: (licensed to EVERYTHING)
me:"Im eighteen!!"
sai:"welcome to the club! btw, did you get you see that new girl?"
me:"yup, She's such a sicko!"
sai:"and these sickheads drool like crazy! I wonder what's in her!

me:" your husband thinks I'm hot ;)"
sai: "yeah right, wait till I elope with yours :D "

Yeah, gossiping rocks :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

She :)

She's not pretty
She's not cute
She's not even built to suit a fashion model's size!
But what makes her ooze with pride
is the stride of her step,
the fire in her eyes,
the curl of her lips,
the swing in her waist,
the sun of her smile,
the joy in her feet...
and the need for her care.

she's a woman.

She'a a phenomenal story in all our lives. A woman. She's the queen who walks fearlessly towards glory. A pioneer who dares to think beyond boundaries. Her effervescent smile is a sparkle in our eyes. Her bouncing entery in every scene. Her passionate love and tender hands that could sweep men off the floor! Her hearty laughs that could mean absolutely nothing....and her gentle tear that touches lives. she's crazily shopaholic, queen of the gossip society and the cute flirty princess! finally, her sassy attitude, and those special moments of joy!

A woman she is. Euphorically beautiful inside-out.
A phenomenal woman.

And here I am wishing every caring mother, ravishing wife, exotic lover, loving sister charming friend and all those other 2.9 billion women in the world a very special and happy women's day!
We are the daughters of God here to teach the world how to love. Lets rejoice womanhood and continue giving birth to new ideas because inside every one of us is a stunning and sensational woman!

Happy Women's day! :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cakes Christmas and more...

December 24, 2009.

It's been a long time...a food blog could be a good start :)

It's Christmas eve and I can hear my cake in the oven....3...2...1...0 yeah, the cake's ready. I didn't bother tasting it though. My only intention was the icing. The clock struck twelve and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! We reached home at two and I began to work. Blending the butter and the sugar, a few drops of green food colouring came out a creamy mixture which not only looked good but tasted good as well!

3:00 a.m.

I finally managed to finish my green base. With a little this and that I did, I finally ended with something that looked like......this.

Too bad I forgot to add more sugar to the base... the cake turned out to be this sugarless bitter thing!!

But who cares! It LOOKS yum, my first icing experience :)
merry Christmas!

P.S. The yellow and purple thing you see on the cake is completely inedible, toxic and dangerously injurious when eaten.

Friday, October 23, 2009

So random.

Just a random list of my orkut communities..
*Dance like no one's watching
*Women who wear skirts
*Friends :)
*painting and art in general
*Chennai rulezz!
*How you doin'
*women with brains ;)
*Drama queen
*Besant nagar beach
*Kajal lovers
*Tall boys and girls!
*Flirt ;)
*Formula one india
*stand up speak up!
*black clothes
*I HATE mondays!
*Chocolate truffles!!!!!! <3
*Bathroom singers
*I love my blue jeans:)
*huh...get a life!

yeah....please go do something better and get a life!

Friday, October 2, 2009

At home...the old one.

1:35 AM,
3 October.
I'm in this place so nostalgic. When I look around I have a stream of memories flowing through my my mind. Its so stupid and sentimental but when I see the place I actually grew up, all changed and different, all that i can only think of is me and my bunch of freakish little friends going about doing absolutely the craziest stuff that one can't even imagine! We used to sit along the gutters and discuss our strategies of flourishing a writing pad business, and our stupid house-house game( i think that's how we named it), we climbed roofs and called that game "monkey business", our splendid weekends which apparently had no halt, and how obsessed we were with those crafts and art stuff that we had always wanted to master our skills on!And not to mention how the entire colony would settle down for a birthday party and turn the house into a lunatic zoo!!!Those were truly the best days of my life... walking down the shady avenue speaking crazy stuff, those were DEFINITELY the best days of my life.

I'm now sitting next to two impish freaks who were there for me through all these memorable happenings of my life....

and they're driving me nuts!

I love you guys! For everything stupid that we did and will continue to do in this little town hosur.

I love you hosur<3
you showed me what life was.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The fog fades off and I ran through the woods in search of something. A desperate need for something...I ran and ran until my feet fell weak. I sat along a broken log. Just a drop of gentle tear that slides down my cheek. I ran again until I was stopped by the calm lake. I looked around in wonder, where am I?A strong hand gripped my shoulder from the back. An impulsive turn showed me a flawless face of charm and delight. There stood my protection, love and magic. Standing in front of me was a tall (TALL), amazingly handsome fairy-tale prince. My eyes DID show my a miracle! We walked hand in hand along the lake singing those platonic songs. His warm hands wrapped my shivering shoulder. I was safe now. Our eyes met. He looked at me and said," WAKE UP IDIOT!!!"

Stupid dream, sigh.