Sunday, September 13, 2009

The fog fades off and I ran through the woods in search of something. A desperate need for something...I ran and ran until my feet fell weak. I sat along a broken log. Just a drop of gentle tear that slides down my cheek. I ran again until I was stopped by the calm lake. I looked around in wonder, where am I?A strong hand gripped my shoulder from the back. An impulsive turn showed me a flawless face of charm and delight. There stood my protection, love and magic. Standing in front of me was a tall (TALL), amazingly handsome fairy-tale prince. My eyes DID show my a miracle! We walked hand in hand along the lake singing those platonic songs. His warm hands wrapped my shivering shoulder. I was safe now. Our eyes met. He looked at me and said," WAKE UP IDIOT!!!"

Stupid dream, sigh.