Monday, December 28, 2009

Cakes Christmas and more...

December 24, 2009.

It's been a long time...a food blog could be a good start :)

It's Christmas eve and I can hear my cake in the oven....3...2...1...0 yeah, the cake's ready. I didn't bother tasting it though. My only intention was the icing. The clock struck twelve and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! We reached home at two and I began to work. Blending the butter and the sugar, a few drops of green food colouring came out a creamy mixture which not only looked good but tasted good as well!

3:00 a.m.

I finally managed to finish my green base. With a little this and that I did, I finally ended with something that looked like......this.

Too bad I forgot to add more sugar to the base... the cake turned out to be this sugarless bitter thing!!

But who cares! It LOOKS yum, my first icing experience :)
merry Christmas!

P.S. The yellow and purple thing you see on the cake is completely inedible, toxic and dangerously injurious when eaten.