Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just nothing.

See, just nothing. No wonder I'm the lazy bum, having absolutely nothing to do or say. You never know how much my chemistry book gets to my nerves, and how much I genuinely know in mathematics. I'm one freak, you know.
And the image above, I have no words to say, just another soul like me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The funeral

Sorry about the depressing title, but this is just what I saw and that struck me so hard.

Cancer. A word that can turn every smile into a tear. A word that gave unanswered questions to millions across the globe. A word that showed us all what pain was. I had often wondered how painful it was to look at people eaten by this gory episode. Many books with sad endings and movies that could have touched a million hearts touched mine too, but i still wondered, is it that bad? Why does it happen to such innocent people? I wondered. It was not too long before I learnt that two of my relatives were affected by this monstrous disease. And one of whose funeral I had attended- was the first time i had ever been to one. It is the only word in English that blows a wave of sadness whenever said. The man who was victim was a relative not too intimate though, but now lifeless. He was known for his pride and stride as I heard. When i saw him during the later stages of the carcinoma, he was almost lifless. it was a painful scene to see him laying on his bed. He was just made of bones and skin that could barely cover him. His only hope was his eyes that had to speak all that he wanted. Too weak for any kind of movements, he was bed-ridden for almost six months. It took him an housr and half to complete one full meal,yet, to see him eat, happy was his family. It was indeed a heart- breaking scene to see someone reduced to a heap who was once fit as a fiddle. And now I see his family mourne over the loss of a great person. But this maybe for the good. After all, how long can his family see him through this painful drive of life?
I specially dedicate this post to him and his family.
May he rest in peace.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

just like that.

When I close my eyes and forget the world, let all my memories fade, start a new life, yes, I dream. I can see a pretty thing carry me off to new land of snakes flying and books crying, of a place I can never imagine going, I stand. On a rainy day I'd walk across a forlorn street hand in hand with someone I'd prefer knowing. A cloudy morning with a lazy stretch and a warm cup of milk, or a moonlit night in an elegant setting where footsteps speak the love. A sunny day on the beach with the waves to sing for me or a leafy avenue thats showers down on me its green. A bunch of pretty fragrant flowers from a secret admirer or a glamorous river of flowing dark chocolate. All alone on a speeding swing i'd fly to reach the skies, or plathora of colours that cover the sky with millions of kites. A deadly scream for nothing or a freakish laugh for nothing at all, those tears of crystal that pours from my eyes after a sad movie. With bliss to greet me and love to adorn me, all alone I stand, with butterflies pink and yellow that fly around me, that I always always wished to see. To see the soap turn bubbles and fly up, high up to reach the skies, that cast upon me a hundred colours that the whole world failed to show me. I wonder and still wonder if the world were any smaller that I could fold into my palm and see what happens. Some things like these are more than what they seem. Of happiness bliss and everything that I could imagine. Some things in life dare to happen but the rest stays back, safe and sound in my fascinating world, My world of dreams.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baked with love!

What do you think is this brown thing on your screen? Its not a burned out carrot halwa! Its not even the left-over biriyani. Its my custom-made chocolate cake! It was just another boring day as i thought but it all turned out yummy! I have no idea what put me into the "baking" mood...but it all turned out to be a pretty quick process, hard to believe. So what your actually seeing on your monitor is a sugary thing irresistably fluffy...and amazingly scrum! Making the batter was a simple process, just mix some castor sugar with some butter, some eggs, some drinking chocolate, a spoonful of cocoa and a whole lot of flour. Stir them all together and in it goes for the baking. And this is the fun bit. I was a little disappointed when the batter filled only one-fourth of the bowl, but as it cokked I saw this magical thing that rose upto the brim! Wicked! And when my oven started beeping, I felt a totally wierd feeling of fear/ joy. And there..the cake was all baked! I couldn't wait for it to cool off before i could flip it. After the flip,Tadaa! there was this absolutetly scrumtious thing infrot of me that left me drooling over it the entire day!

P.S. suggested dressing :p

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The song

Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho maine sun liya
Ki saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun liya
Chun liya
Maine Sun liya

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar
Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar
Kar loon main kya apna haal
Aye dil-e-bekaraar
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Tu hi bata

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar.......<3

now that's THE song. Pure fantasy, love and magic. No wonder there are as much as a hundred blogs on this one. But for me, personally this is the song that is no match to any other. The music video especially should have been the key inspiration to most other Amir khan and Ayesha jhulka clones. The lyrics define what romance actually is. And everytime the song is heard, "wow" is what most people say, and for me its a little more than that. i keep singing the song for that entire day. Now that's the worst bit isn't it?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Life that's so wierd

I couldn't think of a stupider title for the blog which has apparently got nothing to do with my post. My school's started after a long break and wow now I'm getting into higher secondary!! But the whole "high" thing went down when i stepped into school. Yeah, my first day to eleventh. I felt like a new comer in my school. someone told me that i was suppose to go to the first floor. I went near the class and checked the list... and there. That was one thing i can't forget. there was absolutely no one i knew. Astonished? Flabbergasted? No, possessed was I rather. I just sat. I had no idea who was next to me. I actually gave a bad time to a pathetic new comer. She tried her best saying "don't worry, that's okay, you'll find new friends." No sooner that i realized that i was actually sitting in the first bench!! No! That's just not me! It took me less than a week to pull through the whole situation. i still miss the whole bunch of mokkai's and vetti's that we had! and now im like this silent thing. I wish i could write more but mom's calling!!