Monday, March 22, 2010

Evolution of gossip

That's one word that personifies the juiciest, weirdest and creepiest things...."gossip". It would be completely inappropriate to call myself a girl if I don't gossip! So, this post is specially dedicated to a "real girl" who grew up with me gossiping all the way and we sure did have the time of our lives.

Teacher: "Here's our new friend sai"
sai:"hi"(is shy :P)

*Third grade:
sai: "what do we do to her?"
me:"we've got to do something!! she STOLE your best friend!!"
sai:"lets flick her snack box, er...or her fountain pen."
me: "yeah!! lets do it!"

*Fifth grade:
(we were the most adulterous duo in fifth grade, manipulated by "fashion"...yeah, in fifth grade)
me:"What is she even wearing????"
sai:"eew!! she has no sense of style!!"

*Seventh grade: (preteen princesses :D)
sai: "You know what????!!!!!! they are in a relationship!!!!!!"
me:"WHAT????? you mean like an affair or something??"
sai:"yeah, exactly!"
me:"jobless people."

*Ninth grade: (teen princesses :D)
me: "awe!! how cute they are together."
sai:" NO!!! they look sick!"
me: "hell no! okay...The girl IS kinda sick, but the guy you see, :P"
sai:"That's right ;) "

*Sixteen year olds: (licensed to shenanigans)
sai:" 9.5"
me:"NO ways!! not even a 5 !!"
sai: "oh come on!!! at least 7!"
me: "okay, 6.5, not more than that!! not worth it machi!!"

.....and the years to come.......

*18: (licensed to EVERYTHING)
me:"Im eighteen!!"
sai:"welcome to the club! btw, did you get you see that new girl?"
me:"yup, She's such a sicko!"
sai:"and these sickheads drool like crazy! I wonder what's in her!

me:" your husband thinks I'm hot ;)"
sai: "yeah right, wait till I elope with yours :D "

Yeah, gossiping rocks :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

She :)

She's not pretty
She's not cute
She's not even built to suit a fashion model's size!
But what makes her ooze with pride
is the stride of her step,
the fire in her eyes,
the curl of her lips,
the swing in her waist,
the sun of her smile,
the joy in her feet...
and the need for her care.

she's a woman.

She'a a phenomenal story in all our lives. A woman. She's the queen who walks fearlessly towards glory. A pioneer who dares to think beyond boundaries. Her effervescent smile is a sparkle in our eyes. Her bouncing entery in every scene. Her passionate love and tender hands that could sweep men off the floor! Her hearty laughs that could mean absolutely nothing....and her gentle tear that touches lives. she's crazily shopaholic, queen of the gossip society and the cute flirty princess! finally, her sassy attitude, and those special moments of joy!

A woman she is. Euphorically beautiful inside-out.
A phenomenal woman.

And here I am wishing every caring mother, ravishing wife, exotic lover, loving sister charming friend and all those other 2.9 billion women in the world a very special and happy women's day!
We are the daughters of God here to teach the world how to love. Lets rejoice womanhood and continue giving birth to new ideas because inside every one of us is a stunning and sensational woman!

Happy Women's day! :)