Monday, March 22, 2010

Evolution of gossip

That's one word that personifies the juiciest, weirdest and creepiest things...."gossip". It would be completely inappropriate to call myself a girl if I don't gossip! So, this post is specially dedicated to a "real girl" who grew up with me gossiping all the way and we sure did have the time of our lives.

Teacher: "Here's our new friend sai"
sai:"hi"(is shy :P)

*Third grade:
sai: "what do we do to her?"
me:"we've got to do something!! she STOLE your best friend!!"
sai:"lets flick her snack box, er...or her fountain pen."
me: "yeah!! lets do it!"

*Fifth grade:
(we were the most adulterous duo in fifth grade, manipulated by "fashion"...yeah, in fifth grade)
me:"What is she even wearing????"
sai:"eew!! she has no sense of style!!"

*Seventh grade: (preteen princesses :D)
sai: "You know what????!!!!!! they are in a relationship!!!!!!"
me:"WHAT????? you mean like an affair or something??"
sai:"yeah, exactly!"
me:"jobless people."

*Ninth grade: (teen princesses :D)
me: "awe!! how cute they are together."
sai:" NO!!! they look sick!"
me: "hell no! okay...The girl IS kinda sick, but the guy you see, :P"
sai:"That's right ;) "

*Sixteen year olds: (licensed to shenanigans)
sai:" 9.5"
me:"NO ways!! not even a 5 !!"
sai: "oh come on!!! at least 7!"
me: "okay, 6.5, not more than that!! not worth it machi!!"

.....and the years to come.......

*18: (licensed to EVERYTHING)
me:"Im eighteen!!"
sai:"welcome to the club! btw, did you get you see that new girl?"
me:"yup, She's such a sicko!"
sai:"and these sickheads drool like crazy! I wonder what's in her!

me:" your husband thinks I'm hot ;)"
sai: "yeah right, wait till I elope with yours :D "

Yeah, gossiping rocks :)