Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twelfth grader's syndrome

I really wish i could figure a better way to start this thing off, but this whole year's been a complete mess for me. Books, notes, home-works, exams, tests and everything else that could drive me more than just nuts. Ironical fact, the more faster i wanted time to fleet, i realized the clocks almost stopped ticking! well, it wasn't that much of a bitch though, except for the weird fact that i was doing something that's completely inappropriate for me. Blame it on me for committing the greatest mistake of picking science group as an option, the thought kept clinging on to me forever! I did realize how difficult it is to move on with something you don't even have the slightest regard for. It just seemed to me pointless. But its over now. And i did realize how much things could change in a year's time. First being "the over-eating" syndrome. I still have no idea what made my appetite beef up like crazy! That's all the recreation i, eat, study, eat (well, the "study" part is a little amplified).Even those boring idlys looked yummier than ever! Next, mood swings.Now this one's good enough to make anybody laugh. But i still remember someone saying my mood swings had scored several notches ahead of a pregnant woman's. Mind that kept wavering like hell, I don't wish to elaborate on that now. Twelfth grade is when everything else, even the most boring things around you amazes you. Every other thing that's laid on the table, kitchen and  shelves looked like it was thrown from mars. An uncontrollable desire to get a glimpse of my camera every now and then, and of course some sad looks at the computer. Books and answer scripts that flew across the room and nights that were filled with prayers for time to surge faster. Time tormented me all the more by making me ardently plan for myself a brighter, more colorful future..............And finally, the epic ended. I'm one of the happiest souls on planet after showing MATHEMATICS its way out of my life (mmmwaaaahahahahahahahahahahaah, buh bye bitch)! Physics and chemistry also deserve a hefty kick out of my life( they weren't that bitchy though,.). So, from now, my real game begins. My ambition, my love and my real, genuine dreams for which i can do almost anything.

LIFE, here I come :) 

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