Friday, October 2, 2009

At home...the old one.

1:35 AM,
3 October.
I'm in this place so nostalgic. When I look around I have a stream of memories flowing through my my mind. Its so stupid and sentimental but when I see the place I actually grew up, all changed and different, all that i can only think of is me and my bunch of freakish little friends going about doing absolutely the craziest stuff that one can't even imagine! We used to sit along the gutters and discuss our strategies of flourishing a writing pad business, and our stupid house-house game( i think that's how we named it), we climbed roofs and called that game "monkey business", our splendid weekends which apparently had no halt, and how obsessed we were with those crafts and art stuff that we had always wanted to master our skills on!And not to mention how the entire colony would settle down for a birthday party and turn the house into a lunatic zoo!!!Those were truly the best days of my life... walking down the shady avenue speaking crazy stuff, those were DEFINITELY the best days of my life.

I'm now sitting next to two impish freaks who were there for me through all these memorable happenings of my life....

and they're driving me nuts!

I love you guys! For everything stupid that we did and will continue to do in this little town hosur.

I love you hosur<3
you showed me what life was.


  1. really a very nice blog :) hail hosur! :)

  2. well... you've told me lots about hosur... but i've realised how much you love that place just now...